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Missionary Oblate Sisters

of Saint Boniface

Cum Maria
Matre Jesu


General Assembly 2017   


New General Leadership Team

From left to right: Sr. Yvette Bernardin, General Assistant, Sr. Léa Archambault,

General Superior, Sr. Olive Halpin, General secretary and Councillor.





2016 Jubilarians


Bernadette Desorcy     Marguerite Hamel

   70th Anniversay                  60th Anniversary





2015 Jubilarians

60th anniversary

 Marie-Rose Cadorette,  Cécile Fortier,  Suzanne Boucher



Private celebration

2015 Jubilarians

Dora Tetreault, 70th, Solanges Bourgeois, 60th, Hélène Roy, 60th, Marie Beaupré, 60th

Aline Bertrand, 75th


The Missionary Oblate Sisters 20th General Chapter

The New Leadership Team

(from left to right)

Emma Bérard, 3rd councillor, Léa Archambault, 1st councillor,

Cécile fortier, General Superior, Brigitte Bissonnette, 2nd councillor


Preparing for our next General Chapter (July 8 - 18, 2013)

Members of the pre-Chapter Commission

From left to right

Denise Kyup, R.N.D.M. (animator), Emma Berard, m.o., Pauline Boucher, m.o., Léa Archambault, m.o.

Marguerite Hamel, m.o., Jeannine Vermette, S.N.J.M. (co-animator)


Chapter Theme

 «Go forth in faith towards the future»